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Luisa Beck is a writer, reporter, and producer based out of Berlin. By day she makes audio stories. By night she dabbles in music, fiction, and tries real hard to roller skate on Tempelhof‘s runways.

Her latest project is Dear Poetry – an advice column that turns to poems for guidance. In each episode, a caller sends her their dilemma (big or small), and she invites a poet to listen to whatever it is that’s troubling them, and to read a poem that offers consolation, guidance, or just a good laugh.

Luisa is a former reporter for The Washington Post, where she covered a wide range of topics – from Germany’s history of colonialism and racism to its climate science and peculiar language. She's also reported stories about the rise of Germany’s far-right for Reveal, one of the most surveilled women in the GDR for Snap Judgment, and a Syrian man who – with the help of a dating coach – is looking for love in Berlin for NPR’s Rough Translation.

Before landing in Berlin, she could be found roaming the streets of San Francisco, New York and Chicago, making location-based audio walks for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the media start-up Detour.


Find out more about Luisa and her work here.

Luisa used the retreat for some creative writing and was an essential contributor to the peer review process. 

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