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by Sara Zarreh Hoshyari Khah

MARGERYby Sara Zarreh
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What happens if someone finds your autobiography and republishes only very specific parts? And what if that almost ends up being the only version? A story about a selective monk, a lucky pingpong match and a woman who's not afraid to cry in public.

Music: Village Keeper by Blue Dot Sessions 

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Sara is a German-Iranian radio producer based in Berlin. Studying history not only gave her a great deal of enthusiasm for understanding why things are the way they are today, but also an awareness of how important it is who tells which stories and how.


Her work has been featured on public radio and several podcasts and was nominated for the Leipziger Hörspielsommer and Berliner Hörspielfestival. She likes things that are funny and poetic at the same time.


You can find Sara on X and Instagram as @yeszarrero

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