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SOMETIMESby Jeff Emtman
00:00 / 09:52

Thirteen participants sing a note at their natural pitch, then recite numbers between 1 and 100 for five minutes. Then, they reach into a bowl, pull out a slip of paper, and complete the sentence written on it (not knowing that every slip has the same, one-word prompt: "Sometimes..."). At times in the piece, the sung notes are mapped onto the participants' numbers: low notes for low numbers, and high notes for high numbers. In this 10-minute version, responses are condensed for time.

The participants are: Colin Shea, Yannic Hannebohn, Phoebe McIndoe, Ilona Toller, Sophia Wetzke, Jasmin Bauomy, Luisa Beck, Mitsuo Iwamoto, Lena von Holt, Sara Zarreh Hoshyari Khah, Marta Medvešek, Allison Behringer, and Johanna Gilje.

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Jeff Emtman is an artist and sound designer living in Berlin. He makes the documentary podcast Here Be Monsters.  He is also the co-creator of Neutrinowatch, a procedurally generated semi-fiction podcast.

Find out more about Jeff on his website.

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