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SAVORBy Will Coley
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My friend Mark Faucher is a 60-year old physician getting ready to retire. He enjoys making and drinking Manhattan cocktails but wonders if alcohol (a little devil) might be bad for his health. After a recent medical test result, he looks at his cocktails in a different way: a small rebellion against rushing through life.

Music credits: Paul Reeves via APM and Lisa Hammer via Free Music Archive

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I am an independent audio documentary maker originally from North Carolina, now living in Harlem, NY. Since attending the Transom Story Workshop in 2011, I’ve produced a range of audio stories, some of which have aired on NPR News, 99% Invisible, Articles of Interest, BBC World Service, and NPR among others. I coordinate monthly meetings of Sound Board (“Graydio”) and, this year, I was elected to serve on the board of the Association of Independents in Radio.

You can find out more about what I do and get in touch here

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